CEEF 2020 Teacher Institute

The CEEF 2020 Teacher Institute on Best Practices of Environmental Education and Stewardship will be held on February 29, March 28, April 25, and May 30, 2020 at Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. Note: On March 28, the institute will be held at the Institute at La Kretz Innovation in Los Angeles.  The deadline to submit your Teacher Application and Letter of Commitment is Monday, January 31, 2020.  .  

Information is provided in the following documents:
- 2020 Teacher Institute Cover Letter
- 2020 Teacher Insitute Flier
- 2020 Teacher Application and Letter of Commitment

To learn more about previous CEEF Teacher Institutes, please see the CEEF Teacher Institute Final Reports at http://caeefoundation.org/doc.html.

CEEF EE Excellence Awards

Will Parish (Ten Strands President) and Anne Stephens (CEEF Board member) presented the CEEF Excellence in EE Award to Rob Wade at the State Science Communities of Practice meeting in Rancho Cordova.

CEEF awarded Rob Wade, Science and Outdoor Education Coordinator for the Plumas County Office of Education, the Excellence in Environmental Education Award on June 22 in Rancho Cordova. The award was presented during the State Science Communities of Practice meeting. Rob oversees three EE programs for the Plumas USD and works with many community partners to support these programs, including the Feather River Land Trust, the Plumas Corporation, and the US Forest Service. Each year, Rob coordinates professional learning for all of the teachers in Plumas County and provides school and field site support for teachers as they take their students outdoors. He has developed a unique approach to EE that he calls “Outdoor Core”, using the local environment as a context for implementing the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Rob has also developed the 6th Grade Watershed “Plumas to the Pacific” Program, where every 6th grader in the district takes a 5-day field trip from the headwaters to the Feather River, tracing it through the Delta and out through the Golden Gate.

Creating bridges between EE and the K-12 classrooms on a daily basis can be a challenge. Rob is a master at using EE pedagogy strategies to make learning engaging and relevant. He has the full support of administrators and community members and has helped an entire generation of students develop their “mountain kid” identity as stewards of the headwaters of the Feather River.

Rob says “I am in fact proud of what two decades of constant effort and a held vision have led to. Proud of every student loving where they live and caring for their Feather River homeland. Proud of all of the teachers who slowly but surely have come to use our outdoor locale to teach. Proud of the private and public community partners who have chosen to support this place- based ambition. This is the long journey and we are all on it. I am proud that what we have created can last like the land itself, in perpetuity.”

Celeste Royer presented the CEEF Excellence in EE Award to Kevin Beals and Emilie Lygren at the AEOE Annual Conference in La Honda.   Celeste Royer presented the CEEF Excellence in EE Award to the entire BEETLES Team at their annual Advisory Committee meeting.
(l to r: Celeste Royer, Lynn Barakos, Emilie Lygren, Kevin Beals, Jedda Foreman, and Craig Strang)

CEEF has awarded the Better Environmental Education, Teaching, Learning and Expertise Sharing (BEETLES) Team with the Excellence in Environmental Education Award for their dedication to the professional development of outdoor educators.  “We are delighted and honored to be recognized for this award,” says Craig Strang, Associate Director of the Hall and principal investigator for BEETLES. “The CEEF board members include pillars of environmental education in California, so this award is very meaningful for us.”

BEETLES was developed by a team of outdoor educators at the Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley’s public science center. The program provides resources and learning materials, as well as professional learning opportunities, for leaders of outdoor science programs across the nation. To date, BEETLES has worked with leaders from 75 outdoor science programs across the country. BEETLES was recently awarded a grant that will allow it to reach even further.  "BEETLES has a new National Science Foundation grant to support the nationwide broad dissemination of the resources we have developed. This award will help launch this major new effort,” says Strang.

Since October 2015, CEEF has annually awarded the Excellence in Environmental Education Awards to nonformal educators who have demonstrated excellence in the integration of informal education with science education in California.